Edit Calendar

Edit Pull Down

Edit Pull Down

The Edit Calendar Window is invoked from a number of places.
If you double click a day on the calendar or use the right mouse button and select Edit Text from the context menu on the calendar or use the

  • Edit Menu->Text For Day option you will open this window. This window is also used to process the
  • Edit Menu options Text Above All Months, Text Below All Months, Text Above Current Month, and Text Below Current Month.

    The edit box is a normal text window much like you see with Windows Notepad. You can edit text, copy text, and so on. What you type is what will appear in the generated calendar. Note that if you use the enter key to start a new line, a new line will be started in the output calendar text. The newline is translated to a <BR>.

    Notes to the HTML Literate

    Cell BG Button

    Cell (BG backgroud) Cell (BG backgroud)

    The Cell Background button is used to change the color of the background of an individual cell. When you press this button, the following window is displayed:

    MS Color Dialog

    The color dialog allows you to press the color of your choice or make new colors. If you press OK, the cell will have this color for a background. If the background selected is dark, the text will switch from white to black. When a color has been selected, the button background will change to the selected color and the text will show the name of the color as it's HEX RGB value (Red Green Blue) along with the Red Green and Blue integer values.

    Add HTML Menu

    The Add HTML Menu is designed to make it easy to insert a few simple HTML tags. The tags are as marked. The basic Idea is to mark a range of text and use the pulldown to insert the desired tags around the marked text. It is there for people who do not know HTML very well or are lazy like me.

    Note: When inserting tags, try to make sure the tags are nested. For example if you wanted text to be both Bold and Italics, make sure the tags end up as <B><I>Some text</I></B> and not <B><I>Some text</B></I>. Close the inner one first. If you do not, you may get umpredictable results on different browsers.