ARPUS Ce/Ceterm Downloads

Current release 2.6.2

Here is how to download:

The first two files are a compressed postscript version of the users guide suitable for any postscript printer and the entire documentation package including the users guide, help files, ce home page, and a word index in HTML format. The HTML documentation is new with release 2.5 and is a self contained unit.

The third file is the README with a summary of installation instructions.

The remaining file are the installation packages for the various platforms ARPUS/Ce is supported on. Download the ones you are interested in. Note that the packages are identical except for the actual binary executables.

Use the following URL's to download executables (Right click and "Save Link As")

Support Contact

Support/Technical/Howto questions? Send E-Mail to or call 623-582-7323
Page last updated, 03/18/2016