About the Generated Web Files

The files generated by the program are normal HTML files suitable for placement on a web site. Depending upon the selection made in the Publish Preferences option. They either have the suffix .html or .htm to show they are web pages.

The naming convention is YYYYMonth.suffix. For example 2008September.html. In addition two other files are created. One is called current.html (or current.htm). It is always a copy of the current month at the time of publish. The other is calendar.html (or calendar.htm) which has all the month calendars in one web page.

In addition to the generated files, any files identified in the "Publish Extra Files" folder are copied to this folder. You can reference these files from the the generated pages as they are in the same directory.

Linking into the Generatedm Web Pages

The normal way to link into the calendar is to link to current.html ( or current.htm) file. This name always exists, so you don't have to keep changing the web page which links to the calendar.

Here is an example of some generated calendar files and the wcal file which generated them. Publish Pull Down